The Twelve Points are a statement of conservative principles, objectives, philosophy, and additional guiding considerations, composed by Karl Born, a young Indianapolis writer and attorney, beginning in early 2008, completed on July 2, 2009. The idea for the Twelve Points, along with several of the points, came from the "Seven Points," an older statement of conservative principles, created by a group of young conservatives at Indiana University, in 2003: Grand Old Cause. 

The purpose of the Twelve Points is to serve as a delivery mechanism for distilled, concentrated conservative thinking, offered in order to return completeness and clarity to popular conservatism, to spread knowledge of the true principles of conservatism throughout the conservative community, and to focus and promote agreement among conservatives. 

Over the past two decades, the conservative movement has lost its uniting sense of direction, which has rendered it confused, frustrated, and impotent. Certain crucial conservative principles and concepts have faded from our common memory and lost their rightful influence and, consequently, our fellow conservatives (including conservative leaders) too often can no longer be relied upon to understand them, to be committed to them, or to apply and advance them in a coherent way. No conservative should be satisfied with the results that this has produced in American public policy. 

The Twelve Points will help to solve this problem, this statement of conservative principles being an instrument by which we may frequently recur to these fundamental principles and keep points of conservative thought freshly in our minds, teach conservative thought to the newer and younger conservatives, and provide all conservatives with a means of together affirming that, yes, we still care about these conservative principles, and conservative principles still define this movement.

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The Purpose of the Twelve Points as a Definitive Statement of Conservative Principles

I am preparing for an attempt to set up a petition feature on this site, which will finally allow supporters of the Twelve Points to sign the document.  In the course of this preparation, I have written a few sentences that explain very effectively why the American conservative movement needs the Twelve Points as its definitive statement of conservative principles -- and why adopting the Twelve Points as a definitive statement of principles can actually be expected to work:

Many Americans, including many professed conservatives, do not have a clear, meaningfully detailed understanding of the conservative philosophy. This has resulted in practical difficulties, including political challenges, in implementing conservative reforms in the United States. The Twelve Points are an attempt to solve this problem, both by allowing conservatives to reaffirm details of the conservative philosophy and by helping to give those details a higher profile.

The desired outcome is first to demonstrate conclusively that American conservatives understand and support certain inconspicuous but important aspects of the conservative philosophy, and then second to use that evidence in continuing to spread this information.

We hope to influence our fellow conservatives, particularly other American conservatives, but also people of other political labels who share our philosophy of individual liberty and rights, personal responsibility, and constitutionalism, a philosophy that is set forth in greater detail in the text of the Twelve Points.

It is intended that the Twelve Points will be well-established within a year or two, but we will continue to promote them as long as they continue to be necessary and relevant.